Amber Corothers

Amber Corothers

Travel Advisor

Years of industry experience: 2 ½ Years…… unexperienced but I am a sponge like a baby.

Years with TOTW travel: 2 ½ Years

Traveled to: Thailand/Hong Kong/Turks n Caicos/Mexico/Hawaii/been around the US (too many places to name)/Dominican Republic…

Travel Tips to share: Always be open to trying new things. Experiences are what defines you. I always try and live by the expression: “When in Rome” because I never know if and when I will be back.

Favorite place to travel: Hong Kong – I never had the desire to specifically go to HKG and when I had the opportunity, it blew my mind.

Best travel moment and why: rolling off my “favorite place to travel” – would be my surprising love for HKG – this place brought out my adventure side and I hope to explore more of Asia and all it’s wonders.

Favorite customer story or moment: Can’t think of anything at the moment…… Irene always had the best stories/moments. Her relationships that she had built with her clientele is something I admired and aspire to have.

Favorite type of cuisine: I can’t even answer this question and now I am hungry. Thanks. ;-)

Favourite staff party location: Honestly, I love the little shindigs we have had in the office. There is nothing like a home cooked meal and when it comes to variety, the TOP peeps know how to bring it 100%.

Favorite staff party memory/moment/funny time: I guess the one that stands out amongst the many fun memories I have is: Irene – We were all in YEG at the EIA Renaissance for our annual staff Xmas partay. Susan and Mike rented this stretch hummer limo and I was pretty pregnant at the time. Let’s just say all the sitting was doing a number on my bladder. So when we finally arrived at the River Cree for some fun and games, a few of us rushed to the bathroom where there was a line up and in good old Irene fashion she shoved me to the side and said “I really got to go, and I’m older than you” as she was reliving herself she starts yelling as I was a few stalls over: “AmBURGERRRR!!!!! I totally forgot you were pregnant, I’m sorry, but you know how it is, us big girls, you can never tell” it was her way of saying I am sorry, and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. Her boisterous voice and her bluntness gave me life; hands down my two most favorite things about her. (tears)

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