Cindy Romanow

Cindy Romanow

Co-Owner / Senior Travel Advisor

Years of Industry Experience: 38+

Years with TOTW Travel: "OG" - co-founder of TOTW over 28 years ago!

Places Travelled: All continents, except Antarctica

Travel Tips: Pack light and observe the local laws, have a basic knowledge of the destination you are visiting.

Favourite Place to Travel: The Middle-East

Favourite Travel Accessory: My Kobo E-Reader!

Favourite Type of Cuisine: Moroccan

Favourite Staff Party Location: Jasper Park Lodge

Favourite Staff Party Memory: A sleigh ride through the Jasper Park Lodge property with the TOTW Team - ending with a bonfire & some hot beverages.

Favourite Customer Story or Moment: Customer who shall remain nameless gave me credit for sitting her next to the hottest guy on the plane!

I travel because...: I love to experience culture and flavours of the places I visit. Travel is the most fun form of education!

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