Corey Paquin

Corey Paquin

Accounting Clerk

Years of Industry Experience: 3+ years

Years with TOTW Travel: 3+ years

Places Travelled: Canada, United States, Dominican Republic, Mexico, France, Monaco, England, Czech Republic, Austria, Thailand, South Korea, Fiji, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Morocco, Costa Rica, Australia, Japan, Columbia.

Travel Tips: Pack light, keep an open mind, and respect the local culture and environment wherever you go.

Favorite Place to Travel: Japan because it is the land of convenience!

Best Travel Moment: A friend and I were in London and she wanted to go up the London Eye. We get in line and it looks like it will be at least a 20-minute wait for an available pod. However, a worker comes up to us and asks, "are you two together?" - we say yes and he opens a new queue right in front of us and allows us on the next pod! Our wait turned into 10 seconds.

Favourite Travel Accessory: I bring a small plastic toy pony and take pictures of her in front of landmarks during my travels.

Favourite Type of Cuisine: Exotic with lots of flavours. The type of stuff you can't get back home.

Favourite Staff Party Location: Edmonton because it also gave me an opportunity to see some friends during our free time.

Favourite Staff Party Memory: The time I brought Carrot Dogs. They are peeled, marinated and cooked carrots placed in a hot dog bun with regular hot dog toppings. Surprisingly not a big hit among the other staff.

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