Corey Paquin

Corey Paquin

Accounting Clerk

Years of industry experience: One year

Years with TOTW travel: One year

Places traveled: Canada, United States, Dominican Republic, Mexico, France, Monaco, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Austria, Thailand, South Korea, Fiji, New Zealand, China, Vietnam

Travel Tips to share: Pack light and don’t bring extra stuff with you if you don’t think you’ll use it. Wherever you go, respect is KEY. That includes respecting the local language, customs, people, environment, etc.

Favorite place to travel: The further away and more exotic the better! Anywhere where there is adventure!

Best travel moment and why: While in London, England, my friend wanted to go on the London Eye ferris wheel. We buy our tickets, get in line, and it looks like it would be a 15-20 minute wait until a pod becomes available. However, a worker comes up to us and asks us in his British accent, “Excuse me, are you two together?” We say yes and he opens a new line right in front of us and we got on the next pod, so our wait was only 15 seconds!

Favorite type of cuisine: I like to try the local food wherever it is I go, as long as I can stomach it and it had better not be fishy or else I WILL NOT EAT IT!

Favourite staff party location: Banff Fairmont Hotel, because it looks like Hogwarts Castle from Harry Potter.

Favorite staff party memory/moment/funny time: Seeing the reactions of my co-workers when I brought in Carrot Dogs; Peeled, baked, and marinated carrots stuffed inside a hot dog bun with common condiments on top. For some reason, not a big hit at the office party. I’ll never understand why.

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