Li-Chen Hwata

Li-Chen Hwata

Finance Manager

Years of Industry Experience: 4+ years

Years with TOTW Travel: 4+ years

Places Travelled: Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong

Travel Tips: Pack light, dress comfortable if you are going on vacation with the long international flights. Ziploc bags will keep your bags tidy and organized!

Favourite Place to Travel: Depends on the season and travel goal, right now I would love to take my 5-year-old son to see the Disney Land in Japan, and the Lego Land in the States, he just loves his legos.

Best Travel Moment: We visited Vancouver in September 2015, it was such a wonderful experience, place I enjoyed the most is the Capilano Suspension Bridge, I love walking in the forest, bathing ourselves in the endless green, was so amazed by the treetop adventure, learned all the stories of the park, most of all, witnessed my husband was terrified passing through the bridge while my then 3-and-half-year-old easily skipping through it, I had such a good laugh about it.

Favourite Type of Cuisine: Gosh…everything, Italian, Mexican, most of all my mom’s homemade Taiwanese food!

Favourite Staff Party Location: anywhere away from Yellowknife, so far I like the Fairmont Banff Spring the best.

Favourite Staff Party Memory: I enjoyed every moment of it, especially at the dinner, everybody was just so relaxed and happy, I got to see the different fun side of my wonderful co-workers and just loved getting to know them better.

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